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Published on March 16th, 2012 | by Emmanuel Stratford


REVIEW: 21 Jump Street

REVIEW: 21 Jump Street Emmanuel Stratford

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Summary: Schmidt and Jenko are given a mission to pose as teenagers in order to bring down a drug ring but both find school a very different place the second time around.


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Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are on opposing sides of the canteen in high school.  Now as adult cops, partners and best friends, they are given a mission to pose as teenagers in order to bring down a drug ring but both find school a very different place the second time around.

So the endless supply of reboots of 80’s and 90’s TV continues with this being Jonah Hill’s pet project for years, with that ’21 Jump Street’ is one of the most enjoyable action comedies since ‘Hot Fuzz’.  This is very loosely based on the original show and proudly wears that badge on its sleeve with nods to the series plus jokes about the endless churning out of TV show remakes too.  That’s not all it has to offer though as the comedy isn’t all of the nudge, nudge, wink, wink variety.  It’s got sight gags, gross out moments plus some of the most cringe-worthy scenes ever, especially one where the two leads try and throw up the drugs they just took, absolutely hilarious.

Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller spread their directorial wings as the mostly have done TV work plus the animated film ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’.  There visual style is very hype and pacey while the comedic moments have that improvised feel but gladly don’t go on for too long, leaving you wanting more.  The action is fast and leaves you on your toes, with one particular chase sequence having a rise in tension as things that should explode don’t, leaving a side-splitting pay off at the end of the pursuit.

The cast are on top form, Jonah Hill does his usual comedy stick but never overplays it, coming off natural and endearing and is the soul of the film.  Channing Tatum broadens his acting chops with a stunning comedic part while still remaining firmly in his action man heartthrob character which he has been doing for a while now.  Ice Cube pops up as the angrier and angrier police captain and gets a lot of funny one-liners while Dave Franco (James’ brother) shows that he has practically copied his brothers’ facial tics.  Newcomer Brie Larson, as the love interest, brings genuine girl next doorness to her role but can be quirky funny too.  There are cameos too from most of the original cast including an A list star who I won’t mention here but suffice to say it is a great scene that he is in and a fitting return for his character.

This is a must see for any moviegoer, it’s funny, got tonnes of action plus has some romance in it to boot.  Hopefully this does the box office business and we get a sequel, as the possible setup for it is well handled towards the end.  Go and see it now!!!

’21 Jump Street’ is out in cinemas now.

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