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App Quick Look: Loopseque For iPad

In the first of a series of iPad music technology features, Pat takes a gander at Loopseque.

Loopseque from Casual Underground is an interesting app for music making. It has a very original interface for creating sequences but at the same time it makes sense. It makes sense regardless of how much you know about how to compose music. There’s no timeline and there’s no piano roll – two things that are common in most audio sequencers. If you don’t know about those things, you don’t need to worry because Loopseque uses dials to program loops. It’s very simple. And a lot of fun.


Loopseque’s MIDI features are simple but useful

That’s because it seems to be designed with live play as the focus not studio production. That’s not to say that you can’t get usable sounds from it, you certainly can, but you don’t have the same control that full audio workstation would afford you. That’s not the point though.

Digital music had struggled in the last few decades to move on from a very tight and soul-less sound, only those who really knew what they were doing could get the best out of sequencers and put a soul in the machine. Creative programming took time. And it wasn’t done in real-time for the most part. That seems to have changed since Ableton Live came on the scene and really made digital music production with live performance take off. We’re seeing more and more apps and full computer software that allow you to perform full digital music compositions in real-time, making changes on the fly. Loopseque fits in with this evolution quite well.

I’m not going to compare Loopseque to Ableton or similar software for features, it’s just not on the same level. You’re not going to get the same results. However, it does carry on that spirit of live-play and performance. Creating beats and playing around with it is a joy. The fact that you can load your own samples via Dropbox is a welcomed addition. Another welcome feature is the ability to use Loopseque as a MIDI sequencer for external synths. However, with only 4 sample levels (“zones”), you’re limited as to what you do with melodies. It does work well for four-chord arrangements though.

For €5.49 (current price on iTunes), Loopseque is well worth a purchase for amateur and pros alike. Casual Underground have made several other versions of the app. You can try-before-you-buy with Loopseque Lite. For iPhone there’s Loopseque Mini. Finally, for the little ones in your life there’s Loopseque Kids (pictured below) which looks like an ideal way to get youngsters interested in programming music.


Loopseque Kids looks like a fun musical start for children

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