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Is Your Partner Cheating with your Television?

Ireland Is A Nation of Impatient TV Addicts!! 77% Admit to Television Tryst Behind Partner’s Back according to Netflix’s latest research.

With the rise of OTT (over the top) viewing and of streaming services like Netflix there has been a move away from “appointment viewing” and scheduled TV. More than a quarter of respondents now admit to being seduced into secretly watching a film or TV episode alone, only to watch it again with a partner without breathing a word.

 Other Survey Findings Include:

  • Seven out of ten couples arrange to watch episodes of a show together. Those that break their agreement and go behind their partner’s back to watch alone, contribute to at leastone argument per week
  • Even if arguments don’t erupt,almost a quarter of the respondents admitted to getting annoyed if their partner stays up to watch new episodes of a TV show instead of coming to bed.
  • It also seems that fearing the wrath of their partners,20% of us secretly watch a whole series without telling our significant others.
  • 20% of the respondents  polled said that they would re-watch a whole tv series or film again after having secretly watched it already
  • 66% of females polled said that they would wait for their partners to not be in to watch a show they like while 46% of males surveyed admitted the same
  •  83% of Irish women polled said that they had caught up on a tv show / episode without their partners while 71% of men admitted the same


Netflix has rolled out new creative highlighting the idea of ‘stream cheating.’  You can check out the new advertisement for yourself below:)

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