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Display Lag Rates The Performance Of HD TVs For Gaming


The Sony KDL-55W802A came out top in the lag-ratings

When people usually buy a TV, they look for certain features that fit their needs. Most people are happy enough with a bog-standard set for watching their favourite shows. Then there’s those who look for things like whether the TV is 720p, 1080i or 1080p and whether it has a TOSLINK audio output.

For gamers, there’s this other thing called “input lag” or latency- which is the time it takes the television’s on-board processing to work and for it to display the image. It’s a key element for gaming and, if you want to be competitive, you need to pick a TV with the lowest possible latency. The best TVs have an input lag of 0-41 ms. Anything over that and you begin to notice that the gameplay isn’t as tight as it should be.

But how do you know what TVs are best for gaming?

Luckily, Display Lag have rated the top HDTV sets based on their input lag performance. You can check out the database of TVs here and an explanation of the ratings here.

Of course, it’s worth checking out the prices and other features of each TV before using the database to make any final purchasing decisions.

Via Joystiq

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