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Weekend Funnies

Weekend Funnies is Gimmedigital’s weekly post in which we pick out our favourite funny webcomic strips from the past week.

Steam-SaleFor the most part, I’ve managed to escape the Steam sales. It’s one of those times when I’m genuinely sorry that I’m a Mac user. Yep, I have Windows installed on a Bootcamp partition but most games still don’t like my graphics card. I briefly toyed with the idea of buying a gaming PC but instead I’ve decided to pre-order the next-gen consoles. I can see the appeal of PCs, games are cheaper and better looking (if you have decent specs) but at least when you buy a game for a console, you know it’s gonna work… usually. There’s less messing around with settings and everyone is usually on a level playing field online.

Do you agree? And, if you game on PC, what’s the appeal for you?

If you like the webcomics below, please visit the original websites and give love to the original creators in the form of web-clicks. You’ll find the source links at the bottom. Warning: Some of the strips might be NSFW or just generally offensive.


SOURCE LINKS: Ctrl+Alt+Del, Amazing Super Powers, Nerf Now, Buttersafe, Legacy Control, Corpse Run



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