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Published on July 21st, 2013 | by Patrick Doyle


Ransomware Takes Over Macs With Fake FBI Warning

According to The Mac Observer, Malwarebytes has discovered ransomware targeting the Safari internet browser on Macs. The malicious code takes control of the browser via an exploit in Javascript, displays a fake FBI warning that they’ve discovered child pornography on your computer and says that they’ll forget about it for a $300 fee.

Of course, being a scam, it’s just designed to get hold of your payment details – the FBI is not known to let such perpetrators away, especially for such a small fee.

Malwarebytes notes that the code isn’t confined to “dodgy” websites but actually comes up on results from popular search terms such as searching for “Taylor Swift” on Bing.

The code is not true “ransomware” as it doesn’t take over and infect your entire Mac, only Safari. It opens 150 dialog boxes that need to be individually closed in order to quit Safari. You can force-quit the browser and restart while holding shift to force the browser to not open previous windows.

Probably the best prevention to getting this annoying problem is to disable Javascript, a plug-in that has recently caused a number of security concerns.


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