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Weekend Funnies

Gather round, kids, the Weekend Funnies are here again! You’ll find our pick of the week’s webcomic strips below the thought of the week.

CallofDuty_Ghosts_femaleI really wanted to talk about how awesome Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer looks but, let’s be honest, did we doubt it would look awesome? However, I really was genuinely surprised that Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer not only has new very interesting modes but also they’ve added female player characters to the online game.

It’s hopefully the start of a shift in the industry away from being overly male-centric in games, something which I feel has badly damaged the image of gaming. There are more and more ladies playing games these days which is great and that really needs to represented in-game by giving female characters as a choice. I honestly thought we’d see female characters in FIFA before we saw them in Call of Duty. Fair dues to Activision and Infinity Ward for doing something cool for once.

Now, check out our favourite webcomics from the week below. If you really want to read more, click the source links at the bottom which will take you to the original creators’ websites. Some of the comics may be offensive or NSFW.


SOURCE LINK: Up And Out, Chuck & Beans, Nerf Now!, Penny Arcade, Dorkly, Doghouse Diaries

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