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Weekend Funnies

The Weekend Funnies are back by popular demand*! (*demand not actually rated).

We present our favourite humour-filled webcomic strips from the past week after the thought of the week.

So it would seem Microsoft is slowly but surely turning the Xbox One ship back on course. If you had asked me two months back whether you should get an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, I would have answered “PS4” no problem. Now that Microsoft have reversed a lot of controversial features, even to the extent of supporting indie self-publishing, it’s a much tougher choice between the two.

There’s still the €100 price difference but they’ve effectively halved that in Europe by offering FIFA 14 free with pre-orders of the console here. Sure, if you don’t like FIFA, I guess that’s not much of an incentive but it is the biggest franchise in the region and I’m sure many will be happy to hear that news. Suddenly, the forced buy of Kinect 2.0 doesn’t seem so bad. Even if you never use it, the fact that every Xbox One owner has one will mean developers are more likely to make good games for it.

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SOURCE LINKS: XKCD, Chuck & Beans, Cyanide & Happiness, Penny Arcade, Amazing Super Powers, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things


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