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Weekend Funnies

Weekend Funnies is Gimmedigital’s weekly wrap up of our favourite webcomics from the week gone. Our six favourite funny comic strips from the last week are below the thought for the week.

So we finally have a date for the Xbox One launch, as well as the PlayStation 4, and it’s starting to feel like the biggest console launch in history. Mainly because the two are launching so close together. One week apart. Our North American friends will get the PS4 first on the 15th of November, followed by the Xbox One on the 22nd. Over this side of the pond, we’ll see the Xbox One first on the 22nd, followed by the PS4 on the 29th of November.

Microsoft has changed most of its controversial policies with the Xbox One, and claims to have closed the gap on pre-orders. While Sony has done everything right from the start and has had very strong pre-order numbers since E3. The games are looking good and each machine is offering some great features. It’s certainly an exciting time to be a gamer no matter which camp you’re in.

The following webcomics may be offensive or NSFW, you have been warned. If you like any of the comics, do the right thing and visit the original creators’ websites by clicking on the source links at the bottom.



SOURCE LINKS: XKCD, Legacy Control, Chuck & Beans, The Gamercat, Dorkly, Ctrl+Alt+Del


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