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Weekend Funnies

It’s Saturday, so you know what that means: the Weekend Funnies are back again to brighten your day, just in time seeing as the weather has changed back to its default setting for Ireland. Ah well, we had a good run while it lasted. Anyway, you’ll find our favourite funny webcomics from the past seven days below the thought for the week.


Top – Apple’s iPhone 5C, Bottom – Sony PS Vita Slim

Speaking of “brightening”, it’s funny how Apple and Sony both decided to introduce more colourful products this week. Apple announced the iPhone 5C, which will come in 5 very funky colours, while Sony announced the PS Vita Slim, which will come in 6 different hues.

It’s nothing new for phones or handheld games consoles but, personally, I like this touch and wish more technology products came in a variety of colours instead of sticking to the drab blacks and greys. Not only would it be more interesting but it would be easier to make things out. When I look towards my TV and the entertainment machines below it, it’s like looking at a wall of black plastic. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of colour.

If you like any of the comics below, please visit the source websites via the links at the bottom to give the original artists some love in the form of web-clicks. Some of the strips may be NSFW or a little offensive.


SOURCE LINKS: Chuck & Beans, Dorkly, Nerd Rage, Dueling Analogs, Legacy Control, Doghouse Diaries


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