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Weekend Funnies

The Weekend Funnies are back to bring a little sunshine… what? It’s actually sunny outside again? Oh, well in that case, just read our favourite webcomics from the past week just for humour’s sake. Also, we’re later than usual because of Grand Theft Auto V.

I’ll have to admit, the quality of GTA V took me by complete surprise. I wasn’t expecting a game of such craftsmanship. I’d played Rockstar games before, so I knew it was going to be detailed. However, GTA V takes it to a whole new level of detail. If any game could be described as “art”, it could. It really shows that, if a company is given enough time and control to make the game they want, they can deliver a game of amazing quality and value for money. The revenue return for Rockstar is thoroughly deserved.

Now, I have to go play more GTA, while you read the comics. Please note that some may be offensive or NSFW. If you like any of the comics, visit the links at the bottom to give some love to the artists and creators involved.


SOURCE LINKS: Dorkly, The Gamercat, XKCD, Deathbulge, Doghouse Diaries, Amazing Super Powers


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