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Weekend Funnies

The Weekend Funnies are back! We bring you our six favourite funny webcomic strips from the past seven days.


Some great Breaking Bad graffiti in Limerick, by Paddy D’Arcy

This weekend sees one of the finest series ever to grace our television sets come to an end. Yep, Breaking Bad. I was a late-comer to it but I got hooked instantly. It’s sad to think that there’s only one more episode left. I won’t ruin it by talking too much about the storyline but the production values, acting and scripting of Breaking Bad are second-to-none. The last episode will be up on Netflix around lunchtime on Monday.

Something similar is Grand Theft Auto. Not just in some of its themes but it’s also another example of high production values. This coming Tuesday, we’ll all be able to download GTA Online. While I think we’ll undoubtably see server issues at first (par for the course with multiplayer these days), once it settles down I’m sure it will still be fantastic like the single player game.

If you like any of the webcomics below, please visit their original creators’ pages at the source links at the bottom. Be forewarned, some of the strips may be NSFW or just generally offensive.


SOURCE LINKS: Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, See Mike Draw, XKCD, Cyanide & Happiness, As You’re Up, The Gamercat


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