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Weekend Funnies

Here’s this week’s edition of Weekend Funnies to bring some warmth and sunshine on a cold and dull Irish weekend. The post is actually a little late this weekend because I had to chase down a particular comic, the first one below from Crazy Buffet 2. I saw it posted without credit on a page on Facebook and had to find the original source. It’s just that funny.

Despite the punchline, it does raise a serious problem – that a lot of parents don’t think about the games they buy their kids. There’s a general opinion among non-gamers than games are still just for kids and when a game, such as Grand Theft Auto V, comes along that deals with adult themes they don’t seem to understand that.

If Grand Theft Auto V was an 18-rated movie, parents would likely think twice about buying it for their son or daughter. They seem to be blind to age ratings on videogames. If anything, games should be taken more seriously when it comes to age ratings than movies. Movies are a passive viewing experience whereas games are interactive and engaging.

I’m not going to tell parents how to raise their kids but I do think, when it comes to games, maybe they should look more carefully at exactly why a game is given an 18-rating before complaining about the violence, sex and drugs in it.

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If you like any of the webstrips below, please visit their creators pages via the source links at the bottom. Please be warned that some may be offensive or not suitable for work or public places.

CrazyBuffet2_TakingAStand_a CrazyBuffet2_TakingAStand

SOURCE LINKS: Crazy Buffet 2, See Mike Draw, Cyanide & Happiness, Corpse Run, Doghouse Diaries, Completely Serious Comics

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