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Clan Corner With EIC: Is Call Of Duty Just A Cash Cow?

In Clan Corner, we put the big gaming-related questions to our good friends in EIC (Elite Irish Clan). Be warned that some of EIC’s opinions may cause offence. Gamertags are used to maintain anonymity.


In the first edition, with the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts last week, we asked them whether the Call of Duty franchise has become a cash cow or whether they think it has genuinely shown improvement year over year. Here’s what they had to say…

C0d Villain:I think from what I’ve seen with Ghosts so far, they have tried to improve on the things that have been lacking in the last few games.”

Karlmcg:I think they have definitely tried to improve on things lacking in previous games. We expect a lot from the game every year so it is difficult for them to please everyone. But at the same time we don’t want them to lose their identity . Even having clans I think is clever by the games company because if two people out of a clan of 8-10 get the game then everyone has to get it to be able to all play together.”

Hugebeats: “It has become a cash cow since the first Modern Warfare with only Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops 2 being the only ones that improved weapons and killstreaks rewarding playing the objective …. I would probably still play Call of Duty 2 if anyone still played it and MW1 if  I wasn’t more hacked than Jack the Rippers last girlfriend and I do think Ghosts has moved on but not from MW3. It’s moved on from MW2 as a natural progression. MW3 didn’t work because explosives where overpowered with no flak jacket/blast shield that worked .. and some of the maps are soooo purdy.”

POBG:Although it’s VERY early, I think it’s safe to say they’ve improved greatly with MW4…. sorry, CoD: Ghosts! This game has improved greatly since MW3 which for me was next to unplayable. Sure, any game that rewards you for tea-bagging is a winner for me. The return of the full thermal scope is a win for me. The new game types are a win for me. The slide, mantle and lean are a great addition, not just a gimmick. As far as being a cash cow, if they deliver, I don’t mind paying €65 for the game and €50 for the season pass. I’m due to play 300 hours of this game so I’ll defo get my money’s worth.”

Darr666: “If it has become a cash cow then who is responsible for it? The developers or the gamers that buy it every year and give the developers reason have a yearly cycle?”

POBG: “I’m the fanboy, but, there’s only 2 maps, the brown rubbly one and the grey rubbly one…”

C0d Villain: “Ah POBG, you can’t say they’re all the same.”

POBG: “And they’re both******* huge.”

S Chaney: “I’m unqualified to comment on Ghosts but all the previous games are great value for money, though MW3 sucked donkey ****”

JenDrever82: “You kind of have to go back to basics in [Ghosts], forget everything you’re used to doing and start from scratch, you have to play more tactically in this one as well.”

What do you think? Do you agree with EIC? Sound off in the comments below.

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