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Our Fondest Current Gen Memories

Wow, that was some ride! Over the last 8 years – yes, it’s really been that long – the Playstation 3, XBox 360 and Nintendo Wii have captured the imaginations of both young and old across the globe. With the Wii U beginning to kick into gear, and both the Playstation 4 and XBox One launching in the next 7 days, there’s no doubting that the next generation of gaming will well and truly be upon us. So what better time to take a moment and reflect on the team’s most memorable experiences over the past 8 years

Patrick Doyle

My favourite thing about the last generation of gaming has been BioWare’s Mass Effect series. When I got my Xbox 360 in January 2008, a friend recommended that I check out the original Mass Effect and it became the first game I completed on it. It really was a great introduction into gaming on the platform. It’s actually one of the few games that I’ve completed multiple times over.

The story of Mass Effect throughout the trilogy of games and extended media is a masterpiece of science fiction writing. The universe is on-par with Star Trek or Star Wars for depth and, although full of fantastical alien races and amazing technology, you still feel this could be a possible real future.

It’s easily my favourite game series on any platform ever. Perhaps even my favourite piece of fiction ever created. I’ve spent a small fortune over the last 7 years on the games, comic books, novels, clothing and figurines. I can’t wait to see what BioWare do with Mass Effect in the next generation.


Michael Ormonde

I’m going to cheat a little bit and say my fondest current generation memory isn’t really a which, but more of a concept. Now, people will say the original XBox offered it, and PC gaming has been doing it for years (even PS2 had a rudimentary implementation), but this generation is really when online gaming came to the forefront. I can say that, without a doubt, my fondest memories of this generation will be when I think back to the amount of hours I put into various online games across all platforms. Front and center of that list – Battlefield.

I’d never been big into first person shooters before the current batch of consoles. I’d played a few (TimeSplitters on the PS2 FTW!), but I usually preferred character action games in general. That was when a friend of mine suggested I try out Bad Company 2. I was blown away. The level of destruction in that game lead to hours and hours of joy as myself and the rest of my squad jumped online every chance we got. We attacked MCOM stations, captured flags and reaked general mayhem as we brought entire buildings down on top of our foes. That tradition continued with Battlefield 3, and I’ve no doubt will continue once we pick up Battlefield 4 on launch day.

Special mention also goes to the original Gears of War online – you caused me to almost fail college exams because I’d be up till 3am killing Locust instead of studying 🙂


Gavin Cullen

 I’m a casual console gamer. I owned the original version of the PS One and the mini version. And I was happy with my original XBox and its selection of games when the 360 came out. A good friend of mine had displayed some of the launch games, but nothing had grabbed my attention enough to make me want to go out and pick up this slim new replacement for my big, black brick.

One day, I called around to my friend to be shown another new game. It was Guitar Hero III, the first Guitar Hero available for the XBox. I watched him play a few songs and then he offered me a turn. I picked up the shitty little white guitar controller, and asked Pat Benatar to hit me with her best shot. I felt silly. The next day, immediately after work, I headed straight into my nearest game store and bought the full Guitar Hero 360 pack. Hooked!

Since then, I’ve picked up every original Guitar Hero and Rock Band game for the 360, along with a couple of special editions (Metallica with the special guitar controller – I am an old rocker at heart).


No doubt we’ll all remember this generation fondly, but what were your favourite moments from the last few years? Let us know

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