Published on November 25th, 2013 | by Patrick Doyle


Xbox One Suffers From Image Judder On TV Passthrough

According to a report by HDTVtest, a lot of Xbox One users in Britain are complaining about the image judder on the Xbox One’s TV pass through.

The Xbox One can pass-through a HDMI connection in its “Watch TV” mode, intended to be used for cable boxes but it can be used for most HDMI devices – we’ve successfully used it to pass through a PlayStation 4 output.

Unlike the US, which uses a 60Hz (30 frames per second, SECAM) standard for TV broadcasts, in Europe we use a 50Hz (25 frames per second, PAL) broadcast standard. Unfortunately, the Xbox One outputs at 60Hz. So the console has to convert that 50Hz content to 60Hz using Frame Rate Conversion before outputting the signal to the TV itself, the result is a “judder” or image doubling effect on fast moving video – such as a football match or chase scene in an action movie. The issue is apparently particularly bad when the console is using Snap Mode.

I can’t say I’ve noticed the issue myself, I’ve been viewing my UPC box via the Xbox One since Friday. However, I’ve spent the majority of that time playing games not watching TV.



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