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Published on November 26th, 2013 | by Patrick Doyle


Ireland Not Officially Getting Xbox One Voice Commands For Up To A Year (UPDATED)

Irish Xbox One owners may face the prospect of waiting for up to a year for officially-supported Kinect voice commands, according to a report on 

At the moment, the only real way to get voice commands on an Xbox One in Ireland is to “lie” and set up the Xbox One as a UK machine.

Unfortunately, the main drawback with this is that you can’t make purchases on the Xbox One (unless you have a UK account also), meaning you have to switch the console back to “Ireland” via the settings app to buy games or content online.

It may also be against the Terms of Use, which could get your account or your console banned from Xbox Live. Though we’ve reached out to Xbox for clarification on this.

Without voice commands, the Xbox One can be fiddly to get around as almost every function is hidden in an app somewhere. Even setting up Party Chat with your buddies is much harder without using Kinect.

It’s rather sad that Irish gamers are once again being treated as second rate to other regions and the it’s also strange because we’ve tested the UK voice commands and they work great. Very rarely has the Xbox One not reacted to a command I’ve given it vocally and I’ve a fairly hard to understand accent sometimes.


We’ve received a response of sorts to whether setting the Xbox One to a different country is against the Terms of Use.

@XboxSupport replied: “We recommend you keep your account tied to the same region you’re located in”.

When pressed as to whether it’s actually against the ToUs, they responded: “We don’t recommend it, the ToU can be found over here-

After a quick look through the Xbox Live Terms of Use, it doesn’t explicitly state that you can’t do it. However, section 1.9 could be interpreted to cover it. It reads “[You must not o]btain (or try to obtain) any data from the Services or related hardware, except the data that we intend to make available to you”


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So, does it affect the Terms of Use? I turned it on to UK location briefly and it worked perfectly but changed back on hearing it could lead to a ban. I really want to change it back to UK but am a bit worried.

gimmedigital moderator

Technically you're not supposed to do it, but in fairness if they haven't region locked content according to ip addresses then it's their fault really, we know people who have it on their xbox one now and they haven't been banned yet, unless they release a warning or official contact email telling users to change back, banning people would be suicidal for them business wise. You do it at your own risk but we gonna do it till we are told not to ;)


@gimmedigital Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. I guess I'll switch back and if they ban me, I can always just play my PS4 (assuming everything goes to plan Friday).

gimmedigital moderator

@SteveFrench @gimmedigital No Problem! If they Ban you let us know and we will chase it up for you, its not the gamers fault that the apps arent region IP Locked ;) Also we have a PS 4 here and to tell you the truth its awesome!! See ya online - We are Gimmedigital on PSN!

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