Published on March 16th, 2014 | by Michael Ormonde

Stream Sunday – Titanfall

Update: Thanks again to everyone that took part! Stream looks to have been jumping around a bit, not sure if that’s my settings or just teething problems with the Twitch app.  Video can be seen here (at least that part works, unlike PS4)

Another Sunday, another stream! And with the week that’s in it, it could really only be one game this week – Titanfall!

So join me from 6PM onwards as I take the fight online in intense 6 vs 6 combat on the first game developed by Respawn Entertainment after breaking away from Infinity Ward and Activision in acrimonious circumstances. We’ll be playing the XBox One version, which also means you’ll be able to see how the Twitch streaming features perform and compare to the PS4’s in built streaming.

As this is a multiplayer online title, feel free to pop me a friend request at XanthanGun and party up! If you want to watch the direct feed of the stream, you can do so here

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