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Published on May 12th, 2014 | by Wez Evans


First Trailer for NBC’s Constantine

This first look at the upcoming Constantine series is both exciting and worrying. The visuals and tone of the trailer premiere seems to stay true to DC Comic’s Hellblazer source material, portraying a surly and jaded (and blond) John Constantine with a much cheekier demeanour than Keanu Reeve’s spin on the character in the 2005 film.

Also, he’s British now! Matt Ryan (AKA Edward Kenway of Assassin’s Creed) retains his natural Welsh twang but that’s close enough to London I guess.

The worrying part stems from the same issue that arises with any sci-fi series: the special effects.

Budget can have a heavy impact on shows like this and it’s quite jarring when you don’t believe what’s happening thanks to B-movie visuals (see the awful crater scene with Lost’s Harold Perrineau). This can be saved with solid writing and likeable characters but it’s hard to gauge that from a trailer like this, especially one with such mediocre editing and a lack of narrative.

This seems like three separate trailers mashed together which is a shame.

As a massive fan of both the Hellblazer comics and the alternate (but still solid) Constantine film, colour me cautiously intrigued.

“Ahh bollox.” – John Constantine.

Constantine will debut some time this Autumn on NBC.

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