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REVIEW: Watch_Dogs On Xbox One


The big day has arrived and Watch_Dogs finally hits our consoles today. The game sets out to make you stand up for justice and revenge; to right the wrongs of society in virtual Chicago, but through its story of family and loss, the game play is at odds with how Ubi want you to play the game.  It is safe to say that Watch Dogs is right up there with the best of them. Its city is alive and just like GTA V you believe the game’s A.I Characters are going about their everyday business just like real people. The key point to all these games is that the city needs life to feel alive so that you can function, and in Watch Dogs this comes across well.

I played Watch Dogs on the Xbox One and even though it is less FPS in comparison to the FPS on the PS4 the game looks gorgeous. Whether it’s a sunny Chicago day or a rainy night, the gfx never ceases to amaze. The draw-distance is great and the engine always feels like it’s two steps ahead of what you’re doing.  Watch Dogs is a lot of fun. There’s a lot to do in the city and most activities do lead towards the progression of your character and therefore your game. You can check into locations as if you were using Foursquare, and you can also leave goodies for other players in the real-world as rewards.


The main fundementals in the game such as collecting cars, buying clothes and crafting are all cogs in the gameplay machine. It’s these parts of the game that keep it all moving, but they’re perhaps too disconnected to the game’s story to be driving components meaning you’ll often find yourself side-tracked with them, or you’ll get too tied to your quest to worry about the bigger picture. Early on in your story the game will guide you through most of what you can do outside of revenging and the hacking component is a tether between you and every activity in the game. In fact it’s in the hacking side of things that you learn to make the journey your own, and playing with the city in this way is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the whole experience.


Where games like the GTA series usually fails, Watch Dogs succeeds and this has nothing to do with your in-game mobile phone and its superpower, movement and combat are sublime in Watch Dogs, switching into cover and remaining stealth is handled brilliantly, but rather than copying the Ubi Assassins Creed series, Watch Dogs holds back on the parkour to give you a more believable and grounded set of movement tools.


As fun and amazing as all of the above is you still can’t help but feel like it’s not different enough to make it stand out. Maybe in the next Watch Dogs it will find its own personality and become its own, but there’s certainly a lot to like here, and you’ll spend hours upon hours sucked into it, exploring, collecting, and having fun with the multiplayer( Although we havent had much time to test Multi yet – we will update this later on). It’s an immensely polished experience, it just didn’t have enough to make my jaw drop this time around.

Watch Dogs was reviewed from a Xbox One retail copy provided by Ubisoft.

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REVIEW: Watch_Dogs On Xbox One Mick Brennan



Summary: It’s an immensely polished experience, it just didn’t have enough to make my jaw drop this time around


Good Fun

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