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Ouya Testing Out A Subscription Model

Android based micro-console Ouya has really had a rough time since launch. After finding incredible success via Kickstarter, the console has seen minimum adoption in the mainstream and has been embroiled in several controversies including a much criticised funding program and updated version of its console just a year after its initial release. To their credit, the team at Ouya have continued to try new things. With that in mind, the company have just announced a 12 month subscription program for their storefront.

A limited time offer, the “All Access Pass” gives purchasers 12 months access to a library of over 800 titles for the one time price of $60. This is a one time payment, and lowers the price of games on their embedded store to $0. There are some exceptions – games over a certain value are excluded from the offer, as are in-app purchases, meaning the true value of the all access pass is questionable. The company have made it clear via correspondence with Gamasutra that this is a limited time, limited quantity offer.

It will be interesting to see whether the program inspires an increased uptake of Ouya ownership and releases. The platform does have potential (Towerfall Ascension started life as an Ouya exclusive) but with Amazon entering the android micro-console space, it may be difficult for the company to gain any more of a foothold in what’s becoming a crowded market.

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