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Published on August 22nd, 2014 | by Emmanuel Stratford


REVIEW: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

The Sin City sequel is finally here with Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez coming back with more booze, broads and bullets.   Three main stories are intertwined together to bring us another few chapters in Frank Millers magnum opus. In the main story, Dwight (Josh Brolin) is embroiled in Ava’s (Eva Green) marital problems but gets more than he bargained for while Nancy (Jessica Alba) has to come to terms with Detective Hartigan’s death caused by Senator Roark.  Also Marv (Mickey Rourke) has to remember what he’s done to solve a mystery while Johnny’s (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) run of luck seems to have run out since he’s come to Sin City.


9 years have passed since the first Sin City with the look and feel of this new film being identical; this is both a good and bad thing.  Where it’s great to be back with these characters and the seedy goings on, it also brings to the fore that we’ve seen it all before.  The back and forth narrative is confusing at times, especially because some characters died in the first film, while the violence gets old and samey very quickly.  Like i said though it isn’t all bad cause if that’s what you’re looking for then this is for you.  It’s got some funny moments, great performances and tonnes of brutal violence but it all feels a little stale.


Robert Rodriguez’ output these last few years has been questionable at best and his movies look cheap, where with Desperado in the 90’s it looked like it was made for €60 million and only cost a fraction of that, his Machete films cost about €10 million and they look cheaper than his first movie, El Mariachi.  These are all personal grievances with the director but it’s something he’s happy to continue which is a shame, with that being said Sin City 2 has the same slick production values of the original but alas with nothing new to show us.


All the actors are on top form, Josh Brolin can do brooding maniac really well, and Mickey Rourke was born to play Marv.  The two stand outs though are Jessica Alba who has loads of acting to do rather than look pretty and dance like in the original; she has a great story arc and shows that with great material and a good director she can act really well.  On the other hand we know Eva Green can act but here she is just sublime, such a great femme fatale seducing every man in her sight, in one scene she’s goes from damsel in distress to sexual predator in a heartbeat and it’s chilling how good she is at it.

Sin City A Dame To Kill for Wallpaper

So Sin City is back with more of the same, a solid entry to the franchise but let’s hope it’s not another 9 years until the next one, get a move on guys!!!

“Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ gets previews from August 25th and is out in all cinemas on August 29th.


REVIEW: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Emmanuel Stratford


Summary: Although it is more of the same, Sin City 2 is a solid sequel, so if it's booze, broads and bullets you want then look no further.


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