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REVIEW: ScreamRide – Xbox One


Microsoft Studios latest release ‘ScreamRide’ is great fun. The game is part rollercoaster sim, part physics game, and part level designer and playing the game as an employee of ScreamRide your only job is to make people scream as much as possible.

The game is split into 3 different areas, Rollercoaster test pilot, Demolition Expert and lastly Engineer mode. The main aim of the Rollercoaster test pilot is to earn as many points through screams as you can while riding around a series of tracks in your personal coaster. Points bonuses are awarded for completing the course using features such as boosting a certain distance or avoiding a derailment. For the Demolition Expert, you launch cabins full of test pilots at distant buildings and attempt to knock them down in as few hits and as much noise as possible. This mode is possibly the most amount of fun, and variety comes in the form of different cabins, some with the ability to detonate mid air on command and finally is Engineer mode. With this mode the objective is to complete an unfinished track and then test it with an automated car, racking up points without smashing anyone against a brick wall at high velocity.

scream 2
Sometimes the camera angle in Engineer mode gets a little annoying but ScreamRide is a lot of fun and if you like roller coasters and games like “Angry Birds” then for the price, this game is a nice addition to any collection.


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