Published on April 1st, 2015 | by Patrick Doyle


New Sunset Overdrive DLC Out Today

Sunset Overdrive‘s second piece of Season Pass DLC has hit the Xbox Store for download today. Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines (Ed – catchy title!) can also be bought separately for €9.99.

As a game that puts having fun above realism, you can expect a pretty ludicrous story in this add-on and the Xbox Wire description doesn’t disappoint in that regard:

Enter Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines – the savage battle that’s been raging on for billions of years enters its latest bout. A rescue mission to save Sam’s old mentors from the Fizzco Robotics Factory quickly turns into an all-out assault to counter-hack and dismantle Fizzco defenses. Don’t worry. For you, hacking equates to pulling triggers and laying waste to a bevy of upgraded Fizzco bots. Everyone has their strengths! So, face off against the avaricious Fizzco. One. Last. Time. Well, maybe. It depends on sales and market research, etc. You know the drill.

The DLC also adds a new Giant Energy Ball weapon for the hero and a new 200G achievement to celebrate April Fools’ Day. The achievement, called “Worst Job in the Kingdom” can be unlocked by replaying and clearing the “Floating Garbage” mission within 15 minutes.


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