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Published on June 12th, 2015 | by Emmanuel Stratford


MOVIE REVIEW: Jurassic World

The park is finally home and their insurance premiums must be through the roof, 22 years after the first Jurassic movie roared onto our screens, we get a true sequel. The park has been open for 10 years and sees 20 thousand people travel to it daily. Attendance is down though and the big wigs create a hybrid dinosaur to scare even more people to the park.


This is the catalyst to a rip roaring and terrifying adventure but it had me asking one question, if they created all these people eating beasties then why not program them with kill switches in the event of anything going wrong, I know this would make it a short film but come on.


The effects are stunning for the most part, with the new dinosaur, Indominus Rex, being a truly scary beast.  You see some old and new dinosaur faces throughout as well with the trained raptors being a standout.  Many were annoyed at the thought of trained dinosaurs but its handle very well and has a great pay off.


The movie does take a while to get going and has some subplots which are either not resolved or don’t go anywhere.  This was obviously done to pad out the cast so you wouldn’t know who would end up being dino dinner but when it hurts the pace of the film that’s something else entirely.


Some of the set pieces are stunning with the Pterosaur attack being the best, with tonnes of Spielberg homages over the course of the films duration it feels at times that director Colin Trevorrow hasn’t thought about his own style for the film.  The music from Michael Giacchino uses John Williams’ old score sporadically but injects enough of his own flair to the sound-scape as well.


Chris Pratt does his best Indiana Jones impression which is not a bad thing at all while Bryce Dallas Howard goes from damsel in distress for most of the film into a kick ass bitch for the latter.  Child stars Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson play the brothers great and don’t go the way of screaming kids of old Jurassic films.  Vincent D’Onofrio plays the evil dinosaur catcher with an almost moustache twirling menace which seems like it came from another movie.


So Jurassic World is probably the best Jurassic sequel but that’s not saying much. Yes it has issues but if you want a thrill ride like the original then you can’t go far wrong with this entry or you could just watch the first film again.

‘Jurassic World’ is out in cinemas now.


MOVIE REVIEW: Jurassic World Emmanuel Stratford


Summary: The park is finally open, it's loud and brash but with half the heart of the original, you'll enjoy the spectacle and forget everything else.


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