E3 2015

Published on June 16th, 2015 | by Wez Evans


E3 2015: Destiny: The Taken King Trailer

The next Destiny DLC will cost twice as much as previous addons and brings a host of content including a new raid and three brand new subclasses, rounding the total to nine.

The new subclasses fill in the missing elemental types for each class:

Warlock: Stormcaller (arc) – Stormcallers directly manipulate Arc energy, focusing body and mind to channel and chain the lightning. Their enemies are given fair warning – flee from battle, or face the storm.

Hunter: Nightstalker (void) – All Hunters master the frontier, but none claim territory quite like a Nighstalker. Shadowshot binding may seem more merciful than gun or blade… until the feeding frenzy begins.

Titan: Sunbreaker (solar) – Incendiary siege engines of war, Sunbreaker Titans hammer and shatter their enemy’s ranks from afar, raining cleansing fire down upon fortified defensive positions.

The Taken King is set to release September 15

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