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Gamescom 2015: Blizzard Announce 3 New Characters And Battleground For Heroes Of The Storm

Day one of Blizzard’s show at Gamescom was all about character reveals. The less said about Overwatch’s ridiculous roster addition the better, however the latest batch of Heroes of the Storm characters sound very interesting indeed.

Blizzard announced three brand new heroes and one new battleground. Unsurprisingly it looks like these heroes will see staggered releases, with monk brawler Kharazim receiving his own dedicated announcement trailer, Warcraft’s orcish hunter Rexxar limited to screenshots, and Starcraft’s Artanis relegated to a single image.

Focusing on mobility, Kharazim can drastically alter his playstyle through talent choices. Iron Fists will grant attack damage, Transcendence allows the monk to heal himself through melee combat, and Insight restores mana.

As someone who just recently hopped on the MOBA bandwagon, I can’t wait to get my hands on this guy. He sounds incredibly versatile and well suited to anyone looking to play as an offensive healer.

insert RexxarScreengrab

Rexxar is pretty unique in HoTS in that he’s a ranged warrior. These roles are normally filled by up-close brawlers that “tank” enemy heroes and protect their squishier teammates by doling out stuns and snares, relying on their beefy health pools to survive. Rexxar takes that archetype and applies it to his bear, Misha, while hanging back in the wings to dish out a ranged assault.

It sounds like his usefulness will heavily depend on player’s ability to keep enemies off the hunter himself.

The last addition is Artanis, the protoss Praetor. Little was revealed about him save that Artanis will be the game’s first warrior from the Starcraft franchise. No space-bear companion unfortunately.

insert artanisStarcraft2

Artanis in Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void

Lastly we have the shiny new battleground, Infernal Shrines. With a Diablo theme, Shrines is home to both demons and angels, with their territory split down the middle. Cosmetically it looks pretty much identical to Battle of Eternity, functionally however it’s drastically different.

Comprised of three lanes over Eternity’s two, the battleground requires teams to summon and defeat a boss in order to gain a powerful Punisher ally. The Punisher spawns with either Arcane, Frozen, or Mortar damage and judging from the below trailer its capable of flattening hero players fairly promptly.

As of yet no release date has been confirmed for this upcoming content.

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