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GTA V Interactive Map

It may be two years old next month (**gasp**), but we’re still BIG fans of Grand Theft Auto V at GimmeDigital.  We presume you are too.

If you’re a completist like me, you’re going to love THIS.  It’s an interactive map for Los Santos.  And it’s VERY good.

GTA 5 Map - Google
A zoomed out screenshot of the GTA 5 Interactiv Map, showing the Google Map features.  The tab at the top pulls down the locations switchboard.

In addition to providing a detailed map, with atlas, satellite, road and UV Invert (more of that later), it also has a comprehensive locations switchboard with over 50 point of interest categories covered, everything from clothing stores to easter eggs with a huge selection in-between (including but not limited to; parachuting locations, the strip club, police stations, nuclear waste locations, property for sale, weapon pick-ups, missions and online locations).

The web version runs through a Google Maps interface, allowing you to zoom in and out and change views from standard atlas, to satellite and road maps.  It also includes a paper map with notifications on it, showing the locations of various points of interest (the UV Invert feature).

GTA 5 Map - UV
GTA 5 Interactive Map showing the UV Invert Map and the locations switchboard.

The locations switchboard is great, allowing you to switch on and off the particular point of interest type you’re looking for.  This feature has been very useful for some of the GD crew who have the memory of a goldfish and the directions sense of a brick (no names mentioned, they know who they are).

Finally, and most importantly, the GTA 5 Map is also available as an app for both Android and iOS.  Fantastic if you’re playing GTA V on a console and need some extra help.

So add GTA 5 Map to your bookmarks, download the app and get those achievements completed!

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