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Kickstart This!

Last time out we took a look at two great Kickstarter projects for your bicycle.  Both had already hit their targets when we looked at them and the go-e ONwheel has closed having raised over €300 thousand.  The SmartHalo however still has eight days left and they have raised €320 thousand over their original target!  Impressive stuff.

This week we’re taking a look at headphones projects, both of which have already achieved their target goals, but as they still have money-saving backer offers, we thought it would be worthwhile flagging them.



Studio Banana Things is a design studio with offices across Europe, four previously successful Kickstarter campaigns and a great name.  They produce smart design solutions designed to make everyday life better.  And that odd-looking device above is their current Kickstarter project.

The Batband unfortunately does not give you the power to control other’s minds, nor indeed allow you to manipulate metal as a master of magnetism.  It is however a bone conduction headset that delivers soundwaves to your inner ear directly through your bones, thus freeing up your outer ear to listen to the environment around you (safety first people!).  Take a look at their promotional video below.


Unfortunately, the project’s Super Early Bird and Early Bird offers are all gone, but they still have a great value $149 offer for a Batband, a saving of just over $100 on the projected retail price.  There’s also a cracking $280 offer which nets you two Batbands, a huge $220 saving.  The project still has 41 days to go, and given that it’s hit its target, you’ll definitely get your Batband if you back them.  These could be the future of personal music listening, so get in now!  Click on the button below to go directly to their Kickstarter page.



Those look pretty, right?  Well, they’re not just pretty looking, they’re pretty cool technically as well.  Those are the PUGZ, the world’s smallest wireless earbuds that charge through your phone.

Describing themselves as “an independent, tech collective”, PUGZ went to Kickstarter to fund the production of these slick earbuds.  They’ve already raised an astonishing $372 thousand, lots more than their target of $50 thousand.  And there’s still 22 days to go on the project!

The PUGZ  work using a Bluetooth connection with aptX® technology, which reduces the size of the audio files without affecting the quality.  They also have a self-guiding magnetic connector, which is called “the Squircle”, allowing you to charge the earbuds whilst listening at the same time.  The PUGZ will come in two types, in-ear (for noise cancellation) or leaking (allowing you to hear your surroundings – again, safety first!)  Watch their fun (and rather freaky) promotional video, where the Pugs explain more.

Cool!  The PUGZ Super Early Bird offers are all gone, but there are still some great deals to be had.  $119 will get you a set of in-ear or leaking PUGZ, saving you $80 on the expected retail price, but there’s just 201 of this offer left as of today (16th of September).  There’s other deals to be had, but one that caught our eye was the $198 offer, which will get you two sets of PUGZ, saving you just over $200.

Squircles.  Back them for squircles alone.

If you want to get a set of these (and remember, because their target has been reached, these are definitely going into production), click on the button below to go directly to their Kickstarter page.

As with all Kickstarter projects, do make sure to check postage costs before backing!  And please let us know in the comments if you’ve backed any of our previous recommendations and how they worked out for you.

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