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A few weeks ago we took a look at a couple of bicycle-related in our Kickstart This! column.  During the week, we came across another fantastic piece of future tech for your bike.  So if you invested in go-e’s ONwheel and the Smarthalo, this is a must have for your soon-to-be smartbike.

Seriously, how cool is that?  I love the flames and the superhero logos.  Batbike anyone?

Anyway, those are programmable wheel lights which can display (as you’ve seen) amazing patterns, logos and text on your wheels as you cycle.  The light connects to your PC to enable you to program in your own designs.  You don’t even need to replace your wheels, the lights simply clip on to your spokes.  They sales bumpf even claims that they can be seen from 360 degrees, which helps with visibility (although we’re not sure about safety, especially regarding distracting other road-users!).

They’re currently available on for GBP£17.73.  Click HERE for a direct link to the page.


Light+phone_1920x1280 (1)
Image source: See.Sense.

Staying with the bike theme for a brief moment, it would be remiss of us not to mention the Kickstarter campaign by Newtownards-based See.Sense.  See.Sense’s ICON is an improvement to their previous intelligent bike light the See.Sense 2.0 (also Kickstarter funded).  The ICON connects to your smartphone to provide a range of features including the ability to read what the bike is doing and respond accordingly, theft alerts and crash alerts to a nominated contact.

The project was funded within one day of launch, and as you’d expect some of the Early Bird offers are all gone now, but if you head over to their Kickstarter page there’s still some good deals to be had.


We’re huge fans of Star Wars (what a surprise) and we cannot wait until the 17th of December when The Force Awakens.  However, we are a little sad, as one of the silver screen’s greatest villains will not be appearing in the new iteration of Star Wars.  That’s right, no Darth Vader, not even as a precocious kid or wooden adolescent.  However, we did find this little gem to keep the memories alive . . .

Credit to Psychadelicace for putting together the infographic.  Image source: 9GAG.

We’ll miss you Darth and your cheesy Noooooooos, but at least we now know why you were always so grumpy.  I’d be pretty grumpy too with that wheeze.


On Sunday the 22nd of November sees Bloggerconf coming to The Marker Hotel in Dublin.  The conference is designed to mark the increasing importance of bloggers and digital influencers in Ireland and will be bringing brands, bloggers and social media influencers together in one spot.  There’ll be a selection of speakers, panels, Q&A, masterclasses and more.  If you’re interested, you can find out more and pick up your tickets HERE.

We might see you there!

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