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VIDEO: Destiny’s Paid Emotes Are Actually Pretty Great

There’s a debate to be had on Bungie’s move to microtransactions with console juggernaut Destiny. Personally I’m starting to see them as a good thing but it remains to be seen how the whole process will be handled going forward.

Thanks to YouTube user SoMxStation one thing we can confirm so far is that the new emote’s are infinitely more interesting than the four dance actions released with The Taken King (for a price). The purchasable emotes actually convey emotions now, with taunts, golf claps, cheers, and what look like a heap of touchdown celebrations.

I don’t know if I’m more excited to enter the Crucible and throw out a “Come On” gesture à la The Matrix from the safety of a titan bubble, or to dance The Carlton in front of a terrifying Oryx in King’s Fall.


Don’t forget to check out our video review of The Taken King to see what we thought of Destiny’s biggest expansion so far.

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