Published on October 30th, 2015 | by Wez Evans


Get Ripped While Playing Heroes Of The Storm

Tired of those six minute auto-queue waits? Are you facing a hefty spawn time having been flattened in a late game teamfight? Do you want to be reminded of how grossly unfit you are? Then try the Heroes of The Storm Workout routine!

Youtuber TeamSASA has compiled an entertaining and, to be honest, reasonably effective workout set centred around the various wait times found in Blizzard’s obscenely popular MOBA. It’s also worth noting that that’s not a half bad Deckard Cain impression.

Simple things like standing up whenever you mount and jump squatting while hearthing are simple enough (and probably a dangerous in-game decision) but the likes of planking while you wait to spawn could leave some players panting down teamspeak.


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