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World Of Tanks Holding Second PS4 Beta This Weekend

Wargaming.Net’s popular free-to-play multiplayer battle game World of Tanks is holding its second beta on PlayStation 4 this weekend. Starting today, January 8th, and running through the 10th, players will be able to try out and test the game in 30-player tank combat.

Those who participate in the beta this weekend will unlock a free M22 Locust PS US Light Tank (with custom PS1-inspired camo) and a free T1E6-PS US Premium Light Tank as well for when the game launches. Any progress during the beta will also carry over to the final game.

Console Project Lead TJ Wagner wrote on the PlayStation Blog:

Howdy Tankers, TJ Wagner here, Console Project Lead at I’m back again to kick off the World of Tanks on PlayStation 4 Beta Weekend second chance, which runs from 8-10th January. The team and I are all really excited to give players another go at our massively multiplayer, action-packed, 30-player tank combat this weekend. The last open beta weekend was a huge success and this is your last chance to join in and get ahead of the pack when we launch.

Whether you’re looking for great solo or multiplayer action, we got you covered with our PvE and PvP modes. World of Tanks is easy to pick up and start playing, and won’t cost you a dime. Players will have the chance to pick from over a hundred historically accurate tanks from the United States, Germany and the USSR!

We’ve added a new first time player experience to help you learn the ropes to this weekend’s beta test. Two new exclusive maps, one the largest World of Tanks map ever! Also, Platoons will allow you to pair up with up to four of your friends to play battles together. While the game is fun to play alone, Platoons add and whole new element and allow you to be more tactical on the battlefield with your friends. Join with friends or make new ones and crush all opponents.

As thanks to all that participate this weekend, just by logging in during the beta, you will be awarded a free M22 Locust PS US Light Tank complete with an anniversary camouflage honoring the original PlayStation and a T1E6-PS US Premium Light Tank. The M22 Locust is my favourite premium tank of all time and you can grab it for free.

If you’re not familiar with World of Tanks, we are Free-to-Play and Free-to-Win. You can play through every nation and their tanks for free and there’s no way to pay to be more powerful than others. We do sell premium tanks that earn and help you progress faster. Starting this weekend you can pick a few special ones up with our Founder’s Packs. Founder’s Packs contain rare tanks, Premium Account time and Silver (in-game currency) at great discounts. You can check them out in the PlayStation Store while the beta is running.

Once we launch you can expect a constant flow of cool content and new features rolling out monthly to explore and have fun with. Remember that all of your beta progress is carried over for when the game launches. None of your progress is ever wiped.

I could go on, but must ship game… See you on the battlefield!


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