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  • Daniel AndersonDaniel Anderson

    Daniel's favourite film is Die Hard. This is pretty much all you need to know about him. He's seen a few more movies since 1988 but none have the same perfect combination of Christmas and killing...

  • Emmanuel StratfordEmmanuel Stratford

    Emmanuel has been working in TV for over 15 years and has done many things in the field, now he’s mostly editing, producing and directing. He loves movies and has a wide interest in all genres; video games and TV are a massive interest/influence as well. He's been writing for TechTV101 for a few years and will continue that with GimmeDigital. He's a geek and proud of it.

  • Gavin CullenGavin Cullen

    Gavin has been working in the TV industry in Ireland & the UK for over 15 years & recently produced TV3's The Gadget Buzz, Ireland's first & only TV show dedicated to all things "gadgety". Admitting to being a 60th level nerd, Gavin fits a love for gaming (computer & tabletop), comics & Lego into his busy schedule. He insists that "gadgety" is a real word.

  • GimmeDigital ContributorGimmeDigital Contributor

    The Gimmedigital Contribs are made up of a selection of submissions from GD Readers and also from Partner websites. If you would like to contribute please email us at info@gimmedigital.com

  • Grainne AhernGrainne Ahern

    Gráinne Ahern is a Series producer/ director across all TV genres from documentary to Entertainment. She headed up Ireland's most watched fashion magazine show, Off the Rails for three years and is now taking her love for all things sartorial online - enjoy!

  • Ian BoyleIan Boyle

    Goodlooking, Funny & Smart.. none of these words have ever been used to describe Ian Boyle, but he lives in hope. Like's a good joke & Love's a bad one

  • Jennifer CanningJennifer Canning

    Jen is an avid PC and Xbox360 gamer & has been creating such a buzz on her youtube channel for the past year that she has recently partnered with machinima as one of their Irish Contribs.

  • Michael OrmondeMichael Ormonde

    A web developer by trade, Michael has been gaming as long as he's been able to hold the controller.

  • Mick BrennanMick Brennan

    Michael Produced Irelands first Computer game and technology dedicated tv show called "Game On" for Channel 6 Ireland in 2006 and is the Founder of the website Techtv101.com and also Sportsnewsireland.com. Michael has been working in the television industry for the past 16 years with the roles of Producer/ Director, Camera Operator and Editor.

  • Patrick DoylePatrick Doyle

    has been working in the Film & TV industry for over a decade and specialises in audio recording and mixing. He's always had a part-time interest in music production, gaming and technology which led him join the TechTV101 team in early 2013 and later co-found Gimmedigital.

  • Paul McGuinnessPaul McGuinness

    Paul is a full-time TV camera operator with a huge interest in stills photography, console gaming, TV and movies. He has recently joined GimmeDigital as a guest contributor.

  • Philip BethelPhilip Bethel

    Philip is a journalism graduate who believes wholeheartedly in the 'Lawnmower Man' theory. He yearns for the day when he takes over the universe within his own utopian digital frontier. He also likes small animals and going to the dentist for checkups.

  • Poppy WestPoppy West

    My name is Poppy, living in the North-West of Ireland. Although I never quite mastered playing them, I grew up watching my older brothers play video games and build computers, electric guitars and all sorts on our dining room table! I have a keen interest in all things technical, but particularly for Web Design, technology, anime and movies. That coupled with a liking for journalism I hope that I can keep you up to date with the happenings in the tech world.

  • Sean PowerSean Power

    Sent to earth from a dying planet, young Sean Power grew to adulthood with a deep love for comics and all things from the local chipper. He has dedicated his life to pedantic ramblings about continuity, superhero superiority, and whether Han shot first. Yes, he is single. He also writes for a number of UK Magazines.

  • The RantThe Rant

  • Val FarrellyVal Farrelly

    Val has worked in a variety of roles in TV & Film in Ireland and the US for over a decade. He has worked with companies ranging from start-ups to the Canadian equivalent of the BBC. Most recently he has been writing pilots for TV shows in Los Angeles. A long-time comic and movie geek, he is also the world’s worst living gamer, having been being afflicted with the eye-hand coordination of a stroke-afflicted sloth since the days of programming 8-bit games in BASIC on a Commodore VIC-20 as a child.

  • Wez EvansWez Evans

    is a gigantic man-child with a deep-seated love for games and a passion for all things nerdy. Having studied interactive digital media, animation, and multimedia, he's a huge fan of story-telling, innovative ideas, and listing things in threes.

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