REVIEW: Prometheus

June 1st, 2012 | by Emmanuel Stratford

A team of scientists journey through the universe on the spaceship “Prometheus” on a voyage to investigate Alien life forms

REVIEW: Men In Black 3

May 25th, 2012 | by Emmanuel Stratford

An alien criminal, Boris the animal (Jemaine Clement), kills the young Agent K in 1969, altering the timeline, changing the

REVIEW: The Avengers Assemble

April 20th, 2012 | by Emmanuel Stratford

When Asgardian Prince Loki (Tom Hiddleston) arrives on Earth to enslave mankind, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), director of S.H.I.E.L.D,

REVIEW: Happy Feet Two

April 13th, 2012 | by Emmanuel Stratford

Mumble (Elijah Wood), The Master of Tap, has a problem because his tiny son, Erik, is choreo-phobic. Reluctant to dance,

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